A Word About Online Casino Bonuses


When it comes to signing up with a new casino,one of the first considerations is how good the bonuses are and, when given the option between multiple bonuses, which ones to take. Unless you have a decent amount of capital for providing a bankroll, it’s usually a good idea to utilize bonuses (wisely that is). Bonuses are a way of leveraging your odds of winning. The likelihood of hitting it big when playing with $40 is slightly greater than when playing with $20, if only because you have more playing time. Casinos know this and this is why they are always on the look-out for what are known in the industry as bonus abusers. On the other hand, bonuses also come with stipulations and requirements. It’s important to know this before deciding which (if any) you want to accept.


Withdrawal Limit

The first big issue to contend with is the withdrawal limit. This usually comes with free chip bonuses or no-deposit bonuses. Basically, the casino gives you free money to try out their games. The problem is, if you win a substantial jackpot, or even just build up a modest amount of credit, you probably won’t be able to withdraw more than a portion of it. A typical rule regarding this is a ‘2x the bonus’ clause. This means that if you win with a $20 free chip, you can only cash out $40, regardless of how much you actually won. Another issue to be aware of is that, after accepting a bonus like this, if you don’t run your account all the way down to 0 before depositing, then any money you win may be counted as winning with bonus money. Thus, it will be subject to the withdrawal limit, even though you feel you are playing with your own real money.

Wagering Requirements

The second issue is the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is how much money you must wager through before cashing out. For some casinos, this requirement is very reasonable. Sometimes however, especially when it comes to skill-based games, the requirement could 45x or more your deposit + bonus. This means that if you deposit $100, and accept a bonus of $100, you’d have to wager through 100 + 100 x 45. That’s $9,000 that you must bet on various games before you are allowed to cash out anything that comes from that $200. Moreover, some casinos alter the percentage of your bet that counts toward your wagering requirement by game. Playing slots may count as 100%, so every dollar you bet is a dollar that goes toward your WR. But if blackjack only counts as 50%, only 50 cents of every dollar you bet counts. This means you’re far more likely to go bust before you reach the WR you need to cash out.

Other Stipulations

Finally, there are other stipulations such as betting size, game choice, and style of game play. Betting size refers to a limit that’s placed on your wager; say, 10% of your overall bonus. This means that with a $100 bonus, the most you can bet on any game at a given point in time is $10. If you exceed the betting size limit, your winnings will be voided. Game choice is a restriction where you are only allowed to play certain games with your bonus money. If you play blackjack for a hand or 2 when the bonus rules said you can only play slots, then any winnings you get- even if you win it on slots later- will be confiscated by the casino. Lastly, some casinos have rules pertaining to the ‘spirit of the bonus’. This means you can’t engage in certain styles of advantage game play, such as betting large at first and then changing to small bets after a big win to grind out your WR. Once again, if you aren’t careful, the casino may decide that your style of advantage play is not something they wish to encourage and your withdrawal request will be denied.


So, does this mean that bonuses aren’t worth the effort of dealing with? As pointed out, they can provide a good deal of playtime, especially to the low-roller whose bankroll would otherwise be depleted very quickly. Also, not every casino is the same and the requirements for each bonus are not always the same either, even within the same casino. Each individual must decide for themselves whether or not they want to accept the “free money” being offered. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into before you accept.


The State of Online Gambling for U.S. Players

The future of online gambling in the U.S. is a murky topic of debate at best. Laws have been upheld, then upended. Amendments have been put forward, and quashed or rewritten. On a personal level, for many people it comes down to whether or not gambling itself is a vice that should be withheld from the public, whether corruption surrounds the industry, and whether gambling online is moral or a corrosive additive to the American cultural mix. After all, gambling goes against the belief systems of many religious groups in the country, and there’s no denying that compulsive/problem gambling can have a deleterious effect on individuals, families, and their communities.

However, for law-makers, the issue of morality cannot (and we feel should not) be the only consideration. For one thing, the idea that gambling is immoral is not necessarily a belief held by all, nor one that should necessarily be forced upon the law-abiding public. There are plenty of financial considerations as well. Millions of dollars are spent on foreign corporations which provide online gambling and this raises serious concerns: the consumer protections are limited since online gambling cannot be regulated by the government if it is not technically legal, and there is a lost opportunity for state and federal revenue through taxation. Basically, online gambling is expensive for the American people and as of now, no one stands to benefit from the millions being lost on it (save the lucky few who occasionally win).

To add to this dilemma, there are precedents which have been established that pertain to gambling in the U.S. In many states, gambling is dealt with on a state level, as opposed to a federal one. Both Hawaii and Utah are states that offer no legal form of gambling whatsoever whereas Nevada is one of the gambling capitols of the world. Prior to this past December, the Wire Act of 1961 was used to substantiate a prohibition on online gambling. In 2006, then President Bush issued the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. This further prohibited certain types of online transactions and made bank transfers online for the purposes of gambling nearly impossible to accomplish. Together, the conclusion was that operating an online casino or betting site was illegal, and most banks would not transfer funds used for gambling online, which made online gambling difficult on an individual level as well. http://onlinecasinosforusplayers.co/gambling-for-us-players/ points out the difficulty in finding trustworthy casinos when so much of the industry refuses to accept your patronage based on the financial constraints the UIGEA has placed on American banks.

In more recent times (December of 2011), the Dept. of Justice reversed their original ruling and decided that the language of the ’61 Wire Act applied only to online sports betting. Other forms of gambling online *may* be legal, at least on an intra-state basis. That is not the same as outright legalizing it and it leaves all regulation potentials up in the air for states to decide. This has worked for Canada, according to http://www.cbc.ca/, as they have specific jurisdictions where online gambling is legalized. However, those who fall on the side of the debate against online gambling are lobbying for yet another reassessment of current law, citing addiction and broken homes as reasons for the Federal government to deny states the right to offer online gambling, regardless of the votes of that state’s constituents. This means the U.S. may not be able to pull off a jurisdictional approach. Basically, there’s no way to please everyone in this case.


Online Tournaments: Not Just For Poker Players Anymore


One of the most overlooked opportunities provided by online casinos, is the chance to engage in tournaments. Traditionally, poker was the only game that came in a tournament format, and for obvious reasons. The very structure of the game has always been predicated on the idea of competition between multiple players. It wasn’t even until 1970 that poker machines finally became the video poker machines we are familiar with today; meaning, the game was set-up like traditional poker but involved playing alone (technically against the house) as opposed to playing against one or more other players. However, these days all kinds of online casino games have been re-imagined to suit a competitive tournament style of game play that involves pitting one’s luck against a group of other players. Slots are no exception. If you don’t believe me, check out youtube.com and type in “slot tournaments”. The best part is, what began in regular brick and mortar casinos has finally made its way online.

The Advantages to Slot Tournaments

The advantages to joining in an online slot tournament are numerous. Many casinos offer ‘free spin’ tourneys with no buy-in. If you register for one of these, you’ll have the chance to compete for prizes without spending any of your own money. Tournaments also add a social atmosphere to online gaming: the leaderboard keeps you informed of your position and rank in the game, as well as tells you who’s in the lead. Many tourney’s also have chat applications set up alongside regular gameplay. You can use this to interact and boast or taunt other players. This adds a new level of competitive excitement to the online slot experience, without requiring you to get dressed up or leave the comfort of your home.

How Does a Slot Tournament Work?

So, you may ask, how does this work? After all, slots are traditionally solo enterprises. They consist of you, the house, and the spinning reels between you. In a slot tournament the gameplay is actually the same. The first thing you do is register for the tournament ahead of time. At the appointed time and day you log in and the casino will give you a specific number of free credits (as if you were playing in practice or demo mode). This is the same amount for each player so you all have an equal chance of winning. You then play the designated slot game and try to build up your free credits. When the tournament is over, the player(s) with the largest bankroll in free credits wins.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

You do NOT win the free credits you were playing with. The prizes for the top players will be posted along with the start and end times of the tournament. You can gauge whether or not you want to register based on the buy-in cost and the prizes being offered. The way the tournament operates will vary by the casino. The length of time for the tournament is determined by the casino. Some will run for several days but only allow a certain number of hours to be spent on tournament play. Others will have smaller tourneys that are over in as little as 15 minutes. The free spin tournaments usually have a cap on the number of people that can register to play, and fill up quickly, so it pays to pay attention. Finally, there are a number of sites out there that post various slot tournaments around the web, along with their dates and times. This can be a good way to keep track of the slot tourneys being offered at multiple casinos.


If you haven’t played a slot tournament, I recommend you sign up today. It’s the one time when gambling online that there’s an absolute guaranteed winner. How often do you find that in a regular casino?


How To Avoid Rogue Casinos

The world of online gambling is fun, convenient, and sometimes even profitable. The one thing that will assuredly ruin this good time (which is sometimes spent in your boxers) is hitting it big and then fighting for months with the casino over withdrawing your winnings. What many people sadly discover is that the casino operator has no intention of ever paying out, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Because of the different laws that deal with gambling and the disperse, global nature of the internet, it isn’t as difficult as it should be for operators to set up fraudulent, crooked sites. Usually when things go wrong or players begin to catch on to their cheating ways, these sites shut down and the operators disappear with all of the users’ money. These sites are called rogue casinos.

Rogue casinos vary in their degree of ‘badness’, but what it basically comes down to is that they do not operate by industry standards. Sometimes it simply means that their customer service is unreliable and they are too complacent or uncaring when it comes to addressing player concerns. Other times it means they are outright fraudulent sites that have no intention of operating fairly. In order to protect yourself from casinos like these, there are 3 major tips you should always follow.

1. Look at the license and certification of the online casino you are interested in. Is the software tested and verified? Is the casino licensed out of a reputable gambling jurisdiction? Having a license out of the Caribbean Islands for instance, is less reputable than having one from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (check out http://www.gamingcommission.ca/ for info on the KGC). It doesn’t mean the site is rogue, but it should set-off a red flag for you that further investigation is warranted. If you cannot find out where it was licensed and/or customer service is unable to tell you this information, avoid that casino.

2. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Some casinos actually operate according to ‘the rules’ as it were, but the T&Cs; are so strict, it’s almost impossible to win anything. Some casinos continue operating because they hold up their end of the contract (what you’re entering into when you set up an account and agree to play by their terms) and players do sometimes win, but they have conditions in their terms that place restrictions on your game play. Sometimes these restrictions are intentionally vague or hard to find, and you don’t discover that you’ve broken a term until the casino decides to void your winnings later.

3. The final trick is to use a search engine to find complaints about the casino. Try typing the name of the site along with the word ‘rogue’ or ‘complaints’. Don’t just use the name of the site because the first results you get in your search will end up being promotional reviews, and these can’t really be trusted. Look in forums and see what other players say about the casino. Use your best judgment when it comes to deciding how believable the complaint is. There are also plenty of blacklists out there that warn against certain casino sites that are known for rogue practices. If your casino shows up on one of these lists, avoid it at all costs!



If you follow those 3 simple rules before making a deposit, the likelihood of falling prey to a rogue operator are incredibly small. You’ll then be able to gamble online with confidence.


Your Questions About Online Slots Answered

When it comes to playing slots online, there are a number of questions everyone wants to know before beginning. How do you know the games aren’t rigged? How do the odds compare to regular slots in a land-based casino? What’s the best slot strategy? Do betting systems work? What tips will improve overall slot gameplay? These are completely legitimate concerns, and things that every player should ask themselves if you haven’t already thought about them.

First of all, check out my previous post on RNG software at http://bestecasinospelonline.com/component/content/article/298-a-word-about-rngs if you want to know about how slot games are NOT rigged if you play at a vetted, secure casino that has their software tested and certified. As to how the odds compare between online slots and brick-and-mortar casino slots, reputable online casinos are audited on a monthly basis. The results of these audits will show what the average payout percentage is (this is the amount that gets returned to customers in winnings), and are published for the public. The average payout percentage in a land based casino ranges between 75% and 98% depending on the casino and where it is. In Nevada, the lowest it can pay back is 75% while in Mississippi the lowest is 80%. Because competition for online players is much stiffer online slots pay out on average between 90% and 98%. It’s actually possible for a slot game to run at over 100% for a time. This means that online slot odds are actually better than the odds of slot machines in a regular casino.

The best betting strategy for an online slots game is to bet on all lines. Jackpots can typically only be triggered if a bet is placed on all lines, and you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity. Another reason is that bonus rounds are one of the best ways to rack up extra credits. However, if you don’t have a bet placed to activate all lines, the likelihood of triggering the bonus level is much lower. By comparison, betting systems are not a strategy, and simply don’t work. For a detailed explanation of why this is, check out http://slots.gambling.org/slot-systems/. My advice: never trust a betting system; especially one that you’re asked to purchase. The only person getting rich with that system is the person selling it to you.

Finally, the number one slot tip I can give you to improve overall gameplay is this: Have fun playing slots, but never breach your bankroll limit. Nothing sours an evening of game play more than losing more than you can afford. The consequences can be large and wide-ranging, and in the end, these games should be fun, not bankrupting!



A Word About RNGs


If the acronym RNG doesn’t sound familiar to you, then there’s at least one instrumental aspect of online slots that you need to understand. This is especially pertinent to all the newbies and interested parties out there who wonder if online gambling is anything more than a rigged (losing) affair. RNG stands for Random Number Generator and it’s what powers the opportunity you have to make real money online. How is this, you ask?

Chance is the very soul of gambling. The fact that you can never know what the next card will be, or what combination you will roll on the dice, is what makes gambling so exciting and why cheating is such a huge problem (even when real money is not involved). No one has the right to change the odds or alter your chances when it comes to winning. One of the biggest fears when it comes to online gambling is that the online casino might be changing the odds to be in their favor, or ‘fixing’ the games, so that you can never really win.

A random number generator is what protects your ability to win, despite whatever the casino operator may want. A RNG is built into the software that powers the game. It has numbers that it cycles through- thousands of them- and it is programmed to cycle through them at high speed in a totally random fashion. Random is important here because it means that no one has the ability to guess or control what number comes up at any given time. Each of these numbers is assigned a meaning (such as to a symbol on the reels of an online slot game). Whatever number the RNG pulls up correlates to what you get in the game, and this could be a winning or losing combination. You can check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_number_generation to learn more about how this works if you’re interested. All that really matters in the end though is that you never know what you’re going to get and no one else should be able to know (or control) that either.


A RNG technically can be ‘fixed’ if a casino operator has the means and desire to re-program it and alter its ‘randomness’. However, reputable online casinos like the ones we promote have their software tested by an independent, 3rd party testing facility where people specialize in these programs. This 3rd party facility will run a series of tests to insure that the RNG does what it is supposed to do and never has a discernible pattern. Whether you choose one of the casinos on this site, or another, you should always make sure that the site you use has proof of this testing. That RNG is what controls your fate in the game- make sure it is vetted and fair!


Luckyfreeslots.com Online Casino

Lucky Free Slots.com is a comprehensive information portal for the world of online slots. Find out where to get the best free casino game bonuses, free slot bonuses, free cash, and which online casinos are the best and safest places to play online for real money. The best part though, is the amazing offering of free slots (naturally). Lucky Free Slots has a selection of over 120 online slots that you can play with no deposit and with no registration. After all, why give your personal information to an online casino you aren’t familiar with just to try out the newest slot being offered there if you don’t have to? Especially if you aren’t 100% sure it will be an establishment you want to deposit money with?

“I already have my preferred casino with a real cash bankroll,” you might say, “why would I want to play online slots for free?” Or perhaps you usually play in traditional brick and mortar casinos and wonder what the attraction to playing a casino game without a real wager would be (when’s the last time you saw a free slot machine in Vegas?). Well, free slots are enticing for a number of reasons; some of which you may not have considered.


  1. If you’re new to online gambling, playing for free is a great way to introduce yourself to the rules of the game. Online slots vary by the number of reels, the betting range, the number of paylines, by design, and by the bonus features being offered. Playing for free allows you to get a grip on the logistics, decide what you’re looking for in an online slot, and then choose a casino that offers the games you prefer accordingly.

  2. You have the opportunity to try out new games without investing time and effort into signing up with another casino. This one goes almost without saying, but software developers are coming out with new slots all the time. Many of these have innovative twists, cinematic graphics, and just plain look like fun for a variety of reasons. Why not check them out, with no obligation to anyone

  3. Playing with free credits allows you to practice your strategies or betting systems beforehand. We all know that if Lady Luck has not decided to smile upon you, there’s not a lot that you can do. On the other hand, there are times when an alteration in bet or payline options might be beneficial, depending on the game. Free slots are your way to figure these things out ahead of time.

  4. Sometimes you just need an outlet to keep from over-betting. We all know that once discovered, gambling can be an addictive form of entertainment. Everyone is liable to hit a point though when wagering any further would be detrimental. Playing for free may not offer exactly the same thrill for the avid slots player, but it can still provide great entertainment when the chips are down.

  5. Because it’s fun!

When you visit luckyfreeslots.com, you’ll have the opportunity to try an amazing selection of games just by clicking on a link. The selection is regularly updated, so you can find the hottest and newest slots all in one place. Whether you are new to online gambling, a regular punter, or an out-and-out slot pro, any site that offers free slots is definitely one you should have on your radar. With 129 slots (and counting) this site is undoubtedly a resource worth investigating. Did I mention the free slot bonuses and free cash? Lucky Free Slots can also help you find a safe, reputable casino to play in online, with the bonuses and incentives every player should expect.




What Every New Gambler Needs to Know


The one thing that every individual needs to realize before they enter the world of online gambling is this: it can be very addicting. I mean that. It can take over a person’s life, lead to severe financial loss, cause strife within families, and in some cases, even lead to crime as the gambler tries to find new resources and methods of making up for the monetary losses incurred by over- betting.

We know there are plenty of people who have suffered the consequences of problem gambling when they actually have to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. These people usually have to go out of their way to find a physical casino or bookie in order to gamble. But one of the key benefits of playing in online casinos is that you can do so from the comfort of your home or on your mobile phone. This means there’s an increase in access with no monitoring or control beyond one’s own good judgment.

Problem gambling is one of the issues often cited as a reason to make online gambling (and sometimes gambling as a whole) illegal. The thing is, gambling itself is not the problem. Gambling online is not itself a problem either. When engaged in responsibly, online casino games are an exciting, fun, and engaging way to spend free time. It is a recreational hobby for millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the thrill and suspense of wagering is part of why gambling can be so addictive.

Always be aware of what your financial limits are. Have a great time! But don’t let it bring you unnecessary problems. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a problem, visit GamCare.org. They have a questionnaire that will allow you to evaluate yourself, and counselors on hand who can help you if you need advice. They take a very unbiased approach, and do not condemn gambling outright. They will not judge or condemn your gambling habit. Rather, they will help you to get it under control so that gambling can be the exciting and fun, but reasonable, pastime it should be.


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