Finding an Online Casino as a Mac User

Finding a reputable casino to play in as a U.S. player can be trying (though hopefully your options will increase by the end of the year) but what’s even more trying is finding a fun, safe casino online as a U.S. player with a Mac. Very few casino game developers have gotten around to designing platforms that are compatible with Macs. Of these, only one that I know of accepts U.S. players, but it only offers poker and we here at have not been able to fully verify the security or business practices of the casinos involved. So how does a player with an apple device go about finding an online casino?

Well, if you type “online casinos for Mac” into your average search engine, you’re sure to get dozens of responses. Most of these will not explain what the differences between Mac and Windows versions are. Over at one blogger describes the plight of searching for casinos that offer a selection of games for Mac, and being disappointed. What it really comes down to is the difference between the games offered via flash or java through your browser, and the variety of games offered if you can download and install the casino on your hard drive. Believe it or not, as a Mac player you do have two options.

The first option is the easiest and most popular: sticking to the flash-based instant games. Let’s just state right now that there are usually FAR more games available in the download version. It’s also true that the majority of safe online casinos for U.S. players are powered by Real Time Gaming software and RTG is notorious for offering only a sampling of their portfolio as flash-based games. This is what most Mac users are left with, unless of course, they have an additional pc computer they can use for the online casino. Even a mini will suffice for this, as they are being offered with more internal space than ever and as programs go, online casinos take up a limited amount of HD space.

The second option, and the one you might not have thought of, is to install what’s known as a pc emulator on your Mac. With an emulator you can run windows and windows-based programs. Your Mac will, in emulator mode, function pretty much just like a regular pc. The problem with this option is that the emulator plus Windows program can be pretty hefty, so you’ll need a decent processor to run them at the same time you’re playing in the casino. The good news is, you’ll find an entire other world of games available to you if you can do this. Moreover, many casinos require that you download and install the software in order to play ‘live’ games, multiplayer games, and to compete in tournaments. They do not mean to be limiting, it’s just how the platforms for powering these sites are currently set to operate.

Whether or not you can afford a copy of Windows and want to invest the time and HD space to running an emulator depends entirely on the user. However, it completely changes the feel of gambling online- so if this is an option you hadn’t considered before now, you might want to look into it.